Our Goal:

to bring you the perfectly roasted pumpkin seed!


Farm Fresh

Like many family traditions, we started in the kitchen. Every Halloween season, we carved our pumpkins, ate lots of pumpkin pie and roasted the seeds. They were a huge hit and inspired us to start experimenting with various flavors from our local area. We wanted to make an excellent quality product that everyone could snack on guilt-free.

Our journey began at the farmers’ market in 2002. We provided our community with a unique and healthy product—the first of its kind. As our popularity grew, we had the customer support needed to launch into local stores, and we expanded our reach to what it is today.

We work hand in hand with our farmer friends to ensure we bring the best quality product from our land to your home, using the local clean air, water and soil. All grown and packaged in the USA, we are the original pumpkin seed people who embody the true spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

We don’t make any other products. We focus solely on producing perfectly roasted pumpkin seeds. We use energy efficient methods including sustainable farming and sustainable energy sources.

This has been our family story for the last 15 years. We take immense pride in what we do, and we sincerely hope you enjoy our product.

From the field to the oven

Our local pumpkin seeds are grown organically and picked at the peak of freshness. We use only the highest quality sea salts and herbs, bringing you the freshest, most flavorful seeds on the market.

  • Slow Roasted – In small batches

  • Non GMO – Organically grown pumpkins

  • All natural – No preservatives or additives

  • Vegan – No dairy, animal cruelty-free

  • Gluten Free – No grains

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