Freshly Roasted To Perfection!

Grown in the US, we roast our premium grade pumpkin seeds all year round, so you can snack on them during any season. Rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc and magnesium. Produced in small batches and always keeping true pumpkin seed lovers in mind.

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Enjoy our certified organic  and non-GMO  pumpkin seeds.

Hi! I’ve recently heard about your products and I’m excited to find a company committed to providing healthy foods! Finding affordable natural and organic grocery options means a lot to our family. It can sometimes be difficult maintaining our budget while still feeding our family quality foods. Thanks again for your commitment to offering healthy foods! – norma jean

Bought a package of your Jalapeno Pumpkin Seeds to share with the family. WOW !!! These are the BEST.

Jean T

These are the best pumpkin seeds ever omg I’m in love please send me some lol

Beittney S

While visiting Seattle for the first time I tried your pumpkin seeds. I am an avid lover of pumpkin seeds and yours are by far the best I’ve ever tasted, hands down.

Ladonna M

I LOVE YOUR PUMPKIN SEEDS!! I just found out about them a few weeks ago and can’t buy enough! I’m your newest most enthusiastic fan! Thank you so much for a wonderful, healthy, local product!

Claudia :0)

I just discovered your product and I swear I am seriously addicted to the chili lime pumpkin seeds! I usually can take or leave pumpkin seeds, but these are fantastic. Keep up the good work and thanks for making such a great product!

Jennifer D

Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for making this great product! I always look for in-shell roasted pumpkin seeds when I am grocery shopping, and usually I am disappointed. I have found these seeds and have been thrilled. Perfect taste, not too much salt, and a good price. Even better that the product is local. Great job!

Kelly G

Hello! Thanks for your awesome products. I love them and promote them in my chiropactic practice all the time to enhance my patients health. Keep up the great work.

Dr. Carley F

Just discovered your pumpkin seeds. Thank you SO much for a wonderful product. I love the flavors and texture. Thank you for what you do!

Heather I

I LOVE your pumpkin seeds!! I eat a small bag nearly daily, and I have yet to dream up a more perfect, delicious, and still healthy snack.

Joe L

I absolutely LOVE your pumpkin seeds and am somewhat addicted!


I’m always looking for the best pumpkin seeds and it is hard to find any that is low in salt and does not have a lot of other junk in it. On the way home to Kansas from Oregon, my girlfriend found these at the airport. We ate all of them on the plane and think that they are the best! Thanks for your time and making such a wonderful product!


I think they are wonderful.

Jeffrey S

Just want to tell you how great I think your pumpkin seeds are! I eat 2-4 small bags a week … you could be contributing to a small addiction I have … haha, but I just don’t care, they are so good. Just wanted you to know you have a fan for life!


I began ordering directly from you after Whole Foods in my area couldn’t seem to keep the Sea Salt seeds stocked. It was ridiculous! I am totally addicted to your seeds and there is NO PRODUCT on the market that beats yours! Your seeds are by far the best! I am very selfish and I have stopped giving them to others because all they do is ask for more! Keep up the good work!

B. Bras

Great product. Best pumpkin seeds I have ever purchased. Thank you!

Mike D

I just tried your seeds for the first time today and they are OUTSTANDING!! they are the best pumpkin seeds i’ve ever had. thank you for making such delicious, nutritious snacks. (i just placed an online order for a whole mess of them!)

Jennifer K

I’ve tried them all!  Yours are the best.

Paul T